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All the server uptime monitor features




Multiple locations

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Work in teams

Give your team members access to the monitors they may see. With our build in role based team integration you can give all your team members access to only what you want.


Endpoints is our term to group your monitors. An endpoint can be a website or a server. Every endpoint can have multiple tests, we have uptime tests, loadtime tests, ping tests, DNS change tests and SSL change tests.


Receive a notification when one of your tests fails. Our flexible alert system is fully configurable to your wishes. You can choose how you want to receive your notifications. We currently only support notifications in the website but soon there will also be support for e-mail, sms, slack, ...


Receive regularly insight in your monitors. Our AI based control system can find the smallest change over longer periods and report this to you.


Our service will be integrated in many other systems, we will do our best to support this integrations!