Server Uptime Monitor

Uptime and performance monitoring. The new monitoring tool

Montor your website or server in realtime. Get noticed on errors, failers or custom actions. Check the uptime, connection speed, dns records, blacklisting, ... from many different locations.

Is your server in trouble? Don't worry, we send you an E-mail, SMS and/or message to your social page. We add some log files if needed.


ServerUptimeMonitor is currently in an open beta fase, you can create an account and we contact you when you can fully use our services. Because it is in beta fase there can always be bugs.


Here is a list with some of our awesome features.


With the monitoring tools of you can monitor your whole linux system. Check your load, CPU, RAM, DISK space and many more ...


Our windows monitoring tools or comming soon ...


Monitor your entire website, check your uptime, your CMS updates, real time visitors and many more ...

Awesome charts

With our awesome customizable charts it's a simple task to detect errors or repetitions.

Awesome data analysing

All the collected data can be seen completly.

Check it everywhere

With our mobile friendly design and cool smartphone apps you can check your status everywhere.

SMS and mail alerts

You server is down? Or one of the created alerts is triggered? Whe can send you an SMS, e-mail or create your own custom mention method.

Social notifications

You server or website is having issues? Notify your customers quickly and easily.


home.ServerUptimeMonitor has servers worldwide to control your servers.

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